Autonomous UV-c
disinfection robot

safely and efficiently
kill 99.9%* of pathogens
including sars-cov-2

The new standard

in safe and efficient

uv-c disinfection

Keno is a UV-C Disinfection Robot that optimizes the germicidal power of UV-C light with Danish AMR technology to kill up to 99% of pathogens, including SARS-CoV-2, by breaking down their DNA-structure.

Keno sets the new standard for secure industrial-grade disinfection, allowing for large-area 360° coverage without human exposure to harmful chemicals.

It is an intuitive robot integrated with sensors, software, and safety features that make it reliable, efficient, and user-friendly.

Video demonstration

keno uv-c Robot specifications


360° industrial grade disinfection coverage
up to 5,500 sqm. per hour

254nm uv-c germicidal light clinically tested and verified to kill up to 99.9%* of viruses & bacteria including Sars-cov-2

travels safely around people and obstacles navigates dynamically using a map to plan its own path.

Ideal for: hospitals, offices, terminals, schools, shopping malls, Grocery and supermarket, plants and factories, public spaces and more.

Danish autonomous mobile robot technology

speed Up to (5.4km/h)

Automatic Self-charging with 2-3 hour charge time

Equipped with state of the art safety and precision sensors

Positioning accuracy: +/- 50mm of position

User friendly interface

Conforms to US and EU quality and safety standards